The “Defentie” – Best of Both Worlds

This vehicle is a Defender body on a Perentie chassis that was put together last year at KLR; to start with it was with basic Perentie mechanicals except for the rear diff from the Defender as it was the stronger 130-spec unit and had disc brakes and HD shafts. Since then the Defentie/Pretendie has been turbocharged and converted to 5 speed. The difference with the turbo is staggering; the vehicle is quiet, smooth and quick. We also put the r380 back in behind the isuzu as it is a much nicer ‘box and has a good set of ratios for the vehicle (although there was some trial and error with the transfer case ratio).  The aircon was retained and works a treat.

I couldn’t be happier with the result; this is what the Defender should have been.

Submitted by Matt O’Regan

Single cab Perentie converted to dual cab

I have a single cab 6×6 that is in the shop getting converted to dual cab. We have no ‘plans’ to work off, so it more or less is being scratch built from photos of the 6×6 dual cab I managed to get hold of showing how the floors and “c” works.  It will remain camo paint for now because of my young son loves to be picked up and dropped off to school in an “army” car!  All his little friends love it too haha

Submitted by Mike Morris