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Turbo Systems


Each kit now comes with an injection pump setting tool.  This makes tuning our turbo kit even easier than before and eliminates any margin for error.  

This tool is also available for no cost to those who have already fitted our kit.

The naturally aspirated 4BD1 will pull all day long and is unrivalled off road, but it is a bit lethargic by today’s standards on the road.  Fortunately this is easily fixed with the addition of a turbo.  Our turbo kit, using a genuine Garrett turbo, almost doubles the engine output for the same fuel consumption.

Dyno Chart showing power increase from 49Hp to 110Hp



This dyno chart shows the power increase from 49Hp (red line) to 110Hp (blue line) at the rear wheels (the power figure is on the left hand side).  The dotted lines are the respective torque figures.  This is a typical result with our kit.



We have been fitting turbos to the 4BD1 for over 15 years and in that time have tested many set ups.  In general any turbo is better than no turbo, however some deliver better results than others.  The mistake many installers make is to use a turbo that is too big – it will deliver great boost at high revs but most drivers don’t rev their engines that hard.  The 4BD1 has a limited rev range – it is usually governed to 3400rpm, however you rarely need to rev them past about 2500rpm (and usually a lot less).  None of the factory fitted turbos are worth using.

Turbo installed in a Perentie



A correctly matched turbo delivers excellent boost pressure off idle, so there is even less reason to rev the engine hard since more torque is being produced lower in the rev range.  This results in better economy, quieter operation and a smoother driving experience (and much more torque and power across the rev range).



Turbo_Manifold_2The complete kit contains everything necessary for installation:

  • Garrett GT series turbo and base gasket
  • High flow tubular manifold (yes it makes a difference)
  • Crossover pipe and hoses and adaptors
  • Intake hose
  • Oil feed and oil return hoses and fittings
  • Engine breather modification fittings and hose
  • EGT probe pick-up
  • Nuts, studs and hose clamps


Installation is a DIY proposition for those with experience – some welding and drilling is required, not to mention the use of a wide range of hand tools.  Tuning should be done with the aid of a pyrometer or dyno (or preferably both).  Our new injection pump setting tool makes tuning even easier – usually a two minute job with a couple of test drives.  A fitting guide is included and we are available for technical support.

Of course we also offer a full installation and tuning service for those not tempted to tackle this task.

Most people have their own preference for an exhaust system however we can also give you advice on this.  The original air cleaner is modified and retained.

This turbo kit will also fit FFR and other variants fitted with a 24v generator.  This kit will also fit the civilian 110 County.  It will also fit the 6×6 variants as an upgrade to the existing low-mount Garrett turbo.


We use, sell and recommend the Scintex EGT kit with any turbo conversion.  This compact unit can be flush mounted into a dash panel, or comes with its own box for above-dash mounting.  The unit can be programmed for different overheat alarm levels, and can be connected to external warning buzzers or lights.  The readout is a bright red digital display easily seen in daylight.

We also recommend fitting a capillary (mechanical) type water temperature gauge – these are more accurate and more reliable than electric gauges.